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PSP (Psychology Solutions Partnership) is an expanding network of local health professionals dedicated to the provision of quality clinical, legal and training services in the South West of England and South Wales

The partnership was established in 2007 by Dr Freddy Jackson Brown, Andrew Lister and Dr Simon Bird. Our individual biographies outline our areas of expertise and interest, as well as providing some background to our clinical experience and careers to date. Legal firms can download our up-to-date CVs by visiting these pages.

In addition to our three founding partners, PSP is continually adding to our list of Associates.  By doing so we are continually expanding our range of expertise and experience.  We are also able to offer access to an even wider range of health professionals with a comprehensive skill set to enhance the services we provide. As a result we are able to undertake a wide variety of work and ensure the highest standards of quality, clarity, efficiency and speed. 

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A network of health professionals providing quality clinical, legal and training services working across the South West of England and South Wales

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If you have a request but are unsure whether we can help, please do contact us. At the very least we will always try to point you in the right direction, even when we can't help you ourselves.

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Psychology Solutions Partnership welcomes all enquiries from individual and corporate clients.

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