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Psychological Formulation in the DSM World

Friday 11th January 2013 at The GreenHouse

A one day seminar / workshop on psychological formulation delivered by Dr Lucy Johnstone, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

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The Role of Values in Client Work: An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Approach

Friday 26th November 2010 at Learning and Research Centre

A one-day workshop exploring the role of values in psychotherapy from an ACT perspective.

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Expert Witness Assessments

Tuesday 30th March 2010 at Park Row

An introductions to preparing expert witness assessments and the legal process

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Introducing Mindfulness & ACT: An experiential workshop

Monday 6th April 2009 at Medical Education Centre

This introductory workshop will provide participants with opportunities to experience different aspects of mindfulness practice for themselves. It will also provide a summary of relevant theory and research evidence, particularly focussing on the role of mindfulness in ACT, of which it is a key therapeutic component.

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Deliberate Self-Harm - A Developmental Perspective

Friday 3rd October 2008

An NHS training event looking at the development and maintenance of deliberate self-harm.

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy - Experiential Workshop

Saturday 13th September 2008

An introduction to some of the key ideas and practices associated with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

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An introduction to Mindfulness

Wednesday 19th March 2008 at Medical Education Centre

Experience different aspects of mindfulness mediation practice, as well as an introduction to both theory and research evidence.

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A Relational Frame Theory Primer

Tuesday 15th January 2008 at Medical Education Centre

This workshop will introduce delegates to the defining features of RFT, outline some of the supporting evidence for RFT, and provide guidance on how to undertake analogue and intervention research from an RFT perspective.

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Introducing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Tuesday 4th December 2007 at Medical Education Centre

This workshop will introduce basic ACT processes such as psychological acceptance, cognitive defusion and behavioural commitment strategies and show how to formulate clinical problems in terms of experiential avoidance and cognitive fusion.

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