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Expert Witness Services

The PSP network is Bristol’s one-stop solution for legal firms seeking assessments and expert opinion on issues such as:

  • Family attachment patterns
  • Parenting capacity within care proceedings
  • Family functioning
  • Capacity assessments in all forms of legal proeceedings
  • Intellectual / cognitive assessments
  • Mental health assessments
  • Risk assessments around sexual and physical violence
  • Evaluation of children’s testimony
  • Personal injuries Compensation assessments
  • Care planning
  • Children with emotional and behavioural difficulties
  • Adults and young people involved in criminal proceedings

The PSP network consists of a range of experienced psychologists with relevant backgrounds in childcare and forensic clinical work. This allows us to source an appropriate professional in response to almost any legal enquiry you may have.  

PSP uses its diverse network to enable co-working, internal governance and supervision. By taking a team approach to assessments, where one person leads whilst making use of other professionals for discrete pieces of work, we can minimise timescales by sharing the overall workload.  We are also able to use this model to mentor less experienced psychologists into expert witness work.  Finally, we maintain a healthy internal supervision culture where dilemmas are shared and the first two or three reports written by new associates are checked.  In this way PSP avoids the governance issues potentially associated with lone practitioners operating without peer support and overview, and ensures that even relatively inexperienced professionals produce work of a high standard from the outset.

A network of health professionals providing quality clinical, legal and training services.

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