• Psychology and a Misunderstanding

    There is a curious anomaly at the heart of clinical psychology. While outwardly the profession presents itself as an example of the scientist-practitioner approach (e.g., Marzillier and Hall, 1999), many clinicians themselves are uncertain that what they do is best described as ‘scientific’ (e.g., John, 1998; Jones, 1997). On this issue there is clearly a gap between how the profession presents itself and what practicing clinicians feel they do (Pilgrim & Treacher, 1992).

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  • It never did me any harm...

    Smacking children is a sign that parents have run out of ideas, not a statement of parental authority.

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  • Working in New Zealand

    Freddy Jackson Brown describes his experiences of living and working in New Zealand

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  • One good term deserves another: Behaviour analysis and the utility principle

    Classification systems develop to help people make sense of the questions they are asking, not because they reflect an ultimate reality. The profession would benefit from following the lead of behaviour analysis and develop terms with maximum practical utility.

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