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For Members of the Public

Finding a therapist can be a bewildering task, and it is often extremely hard to know where to begin.  

We would recommend that you first check Our Associates to see if PSP can offer the type of support that you are seeking.  If however you cannot find what you are looking for, or if you need to find a therapist in a different location, you can try Therapy Network. 

Therapy Network is a directory of therapists, counsellors, coaches and therapeutic services operating in the UK, developed by Psychology Solutions Partnership. We aim to provide a truly accessible first point of contact for people looking for therapeutic support, providing quality information so they can make informed choices about their care.

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For Professionals

Therapy Network is the prefect way to publicise your services, and it's completely free.  Sign up now and reach more clients looking to access quality therapeutic support.  You can also contribute to a growing therapist community by writing or commenting on blogs and articles featured on the site.  

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A network of health professionals providing quality clinical, legal and training services.

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If you are interested in pursuing private therapeutic or legal work and would like to discuss options with us, please get in touch.

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